Chinese Reading Club for Kids

Dear Parents,
  As suggested by many parents, Yuren Chinese School is proudly presenting “Chinese Reading Club” to our members as well as the broader Chinese community at Birmingham. The goal of the club is to offer our young readers some basic knowledge about Chinese history, geography and culture, thus promoting cultural exchanges between China and US.
  We are going to use the official reading books: Common Knowledge about Chinese History, Common Knowledge about Chinese Geography, and Common Knowledge about Chinese Culture. These books are written in both Chinese and English with colorful pictures and maps, which are very suitable for our bilingual young readers. For more information about the books, please visit and e-version of books can be found and downloaded on the right side of the webpage.
  At the end of the spring semester, we will have a Chinese Common Knowledge Competition. All club members of age 5 and up will automatically be eligible to enter the competition. Non club members will need to pass a written test before entering the competition.
  Please find the event details below and signup at
When:       Club will meet weekly at 7:00-8:00 pm on Saturdays starting from Jan 6, 2018
Where:      UAB classroom (TBD based on student volume)
How:         Students read assigned chapters at home before the meet.
                  During each meet, there will be 2 parent volunteers presenting/leading a topic with each for 20-30 min.

                  Presenter signup follows after student enrollment.

Fees (books &competition) :
                  $10 per student for students enrolled at Yuren for 2017-2018 school year;
                  $20 per student for any other students.
                  (free audit for age 4 and younger, no books provided)
Registration Deadline:   December 3, 2017 (additional $10 apply for late registration)
  Thank you for your continuous support to Yuren Chinese School! Please reply to this email if you have any suggestions/concerns/questions.  Let’s work together to provide our students a great Chinese learning environment!
Yuren Chinese School Officials

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