Founded in 1993, Yuren Chinese School (Yuren) is a non-profit Chinese language School based in the Greater Birmingham Area, with a more than 30 years history of Chinese education. Yuren’s mission is to promote the study of Chinese language and culture and to encourage intercultural communication.

Yuren offers Mandarin Chinese classes from kindergarten to 10th grade for students five years old and above. Currently there are more than 80 students. Yuren is located at Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church and the classes meet every Sunday from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. “Ma Liping Chinese Series” are used as textbooks.

Yuren Chinese School is a volunteer-based organization, thus parents’ involvement is the key to the school success. Yuren’s principal and committee members are elected by parents and manage Yuren School routinely. All parents are encouraged to help in all the school activities.

Yuren’s teachers are hired based on candidates’ Chinese language skills and teaching skills. They are also required to demonstrate a variety of teaching approaches to inspire students of learning Chinese. Our teachers attend Chinese education seminars and trainings. Some of them are also full-time Chinese teachers at the public schools/colleges.