2018 Chinese New Year Performance

Dear Parents,
  Yuren Chinese School is invited to perform in 2018 Chinese New Year Festival. This year’s performance will be dancing “Shake The Sun“. Our practice will start on Sunday, 12/3/2017 @ 2:50 ~ 3:15 pm until the date of performance (2/17/2018). We encourage every student to participate and immerse in our traditional Chinese culture.
  There are two steps to register your kids to the performance:
  Step1. Please reply back with completed 2nd page of the attached registration form to this email by 5 pm on Saturday, Nov 25, 2017.
  Step2. Please signup for bringing the snacks/drinks or volunteer for the practice monitors during the practice sessions:
  Please remember to come early if your child wants to participate. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.
  The kids will have fun! Thanks very much for your attention and support!


2018 Performance Registration Form

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